All about Summerville Baptist Church
The Summerville Baptist Church aims to help you find what you're searching for. They give inspiring messages that are coming from the words of God and then they will help you to find answers or solutions to the life's hardest problems based on the words that are found in the Bible. They practice using music as well as other elements in order to enhance most of all help you to connect to the Lord. Summerville Baptist Church are very passionate when it comes to friendships, family as well as the hope that's greatly found in Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome in this Church.
Summerville Baptist Church offers three kinds of services which are the, traditional service (every Sunday). Kids' worship (every Sunday) as well as contemporary services (every Sunday).
Since Sunday school is the same time as the Worship service then you will be able to attend them both. The classes are age-graded for students as well as children. For the adult groups which are 'same life stage' gather at both 9:00 am and also 10:30 am and has a multi-generational Sunday school class that starts at 9:00 am. When it comes to attire, there is no specific attire and they just encourage to wear what is comfortable for you.
The Children's Ministry
Summerville Baptist Church's Children's Ministry is being led by a group of staff and also volunteers who has passion for children and also with a vision stating "Connect the Children to God and also to Others" The Baptist Church in Summerville will likely give a fun and most of all interactive program custom fitted only for the elementary age children in order for them to be able to know Jesus and also spiritually grow while they are creating wonderful relationships together with the other kids and most of all grown-ups!
The Kid's Worship
During the 9:00am Worship Service, the Old Fort sc church provide an elective worship experience for all the kids grades K5 up to sixth grade. The kids are being engaged in Biblical teaching, drama as well as music.
The Sunday School
After the kid's church, the children will then proceed to grade level Sunday School, in here, they keep on learning about the God's Word and most of all the effect it can likely have on their lives.
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